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5 Ways to Get Maximum Value Out of Your Real Estate Flyers

Here are 5 tips to get the most value from your real-estate flyers:

When it comes to business advertisements, there has been an overwhelming increase in the use of online and social media-driven marketing. Almost all information today is available at the palm of your hand through your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Even though many advertising efforts are electronic in today’s society, old-fashioned, hard-copy flyers can still make a great impression. Real estate flyers can give you significant return if you create a compelling design and present the information effectively.

Here are 5 tips to get the most value from your real-estate flyers:

  1. Don’t over complicate it.

    Most likely, you will be selling many different properties, and it can be time consuming to make a unique flyer for each. So don’t! Use a template for your flyers to save time, yet still cover all the information necessary for a perspective home buyer.

  2. Get to the point.

    There is a large amount of information you could mention about a house on the market, but try to stick to the essential details. Some of these will include a picture of the property, the address, price, some key features and contact information. Make sure these points are easy to identify!

  3. Capture their attention.

    If you choose to print your flyer in color, it is easier to capture the perspective buyer’s attention. Printing in black and white is the cheaper option, but images in color will make the flyer stand out.

  4. Get them to take the next step.

    How are you going to make perspective home buyers not only pick up the flyer but also take the next step to contact you? A call-to-action is crucial because it encourages the reader to take the next step in the home buying process.

  5. Talk to the neighbors.

    When a house goes on the market, neighbors will often take a flyer to compare prices and other details to their own house. This is an opportunity to talk to the people in the neighborhood. Mention your contact information to them. They may contact you with a referral or if they decide to sell their own home in the future.

Presumably society is driven by social media, especially for advertising, but these tips will help you to make the most compelling flyer in the neighborhood. If you have a client searching for a title agency, reach out and contact us today!

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